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Helping you own your identity and achieve your ultimate life balance.

Life coaching for women and men, with a particular focus on new mums navigating the emotional ups and downs of motherhood.

When you know what you truly want in life, you can make it happen. That power lies within each of us.

Life coaching helps you to understand where you want to be and explore what’s possible, and guides you to take the next step forward.

Hi... I'm Cassandra

I’m a certified professional life coach based in the Bay of Plenty and I’m passionate about helping others live the life they truly want.

I strongly believe that everything we need is within us but sometimes we need a little guidance to see it for ourselves.


That’s why life coaching is an incredibly empowering process because when you learn the tools to change your life, then you are in control. Whatever life throws at you, you know you’ll be able to work through it and keep moving forward.

Cassandra Hogan


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Getting what you truly want in life starts with knowing what you want. I provide personalised life coaching sessions that are safe, supportive, confidential and non-judgemental, via virtual or face to face meetings.


Community-based workshops and presentations with a focus on personal development, identity and life balance. Book Cassandra to speak at your next event.

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An alternative to 1:1 coaching, work at your own pace with this 6-week online program and receive direct support from me throughout your journey.

Schedule your free thirty-minute consultation today to see if life coaching is right for you!



"I have been working with Cassandra for about 9 months now and she has been absolutely AMAZING through my ‘journey’ to rediscover myself. She is so approachable and made me feel comfortable the whole time. She kept me accountable and I thank her so much for what she has done for me. I consider Cass a great friend now. She is amazing, such an inspiration – so much so that I have decided to be more positive about a change in my work situation, turn this around and study to become a Life Coach myself – THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!! " 

Carla Mangles