Cassandra Hogan at the beach

About Cassandra Hogan

I’m a certified professional life coach based in the Bay of Plenty and I’m passionate about helping others live the life they truly want.

Reaching your goals and living your dreams can be hard, but I can tell you it’s definitely achievable. Before my son was born in 2017, I worked in a senior management position for an Auckland medical company. I loved my work and was focused on building my career, but that all changed as a new mum. So many feelings and doubts surfaced about what I truly wanted in life – what was my purpose, my identity? Added to that were expectations from friends and family about when I would return to work and a pervasive pressure to be that ‘supermum’. I know how hard those pressures and expectations can be, and I also know that many women struggle with the abrupt change in lifestyle that a new baby brings, even though it’s a joyous time.

I began to see my maternity leave as an opportunity to re-invent myself, to figure out what I wanted my life to look like going forward. When I really stripped back and explored my feelings, I realised I wanted to have flexibility in my life to raise my family while continuing to work for myself in an area I’m passionate about. Reaching that point of knowing that it was okay to make a change, and that I could achieve what I truly wanted, felt so empowering.

It became clear to me how much I wanted to help others on this same journey, especially as I found helping friends and colleagues through life challenges very satisfying. I completed the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies Life Coaching Diploma and, alongside my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, have offered professional life coaching services to women and men throughout the country, either face-to-face or virtually, since 2019. I have a particular interest in helping women adjust to motherhood or reclaim their identity after years of prioritising children’s needs, however I also enjoy working with anyone who seeks more contentment in life and is prepared to explore the possibilities of creating meaningful and long-lasting change.

I strongly believe that everything we need is within us but sometimes we need a little guidance to see it for ourselves. That’s why life coaching is an incredibly empowering process because when you learn the tools to change your life, then you are in control. Whatever life throws at you, you know you’ll be able to work through it and keep moving forward.

I have a calm and relaxed nature and genuinely love to help my clients grow and own their life the best way they can!


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